Python Developer

What do YOU want?
Are you looking to be part of a community, not just a team? Do you take a non-dogmatic approach to web development and can work with the tools at hand to build awesome web applications with the end user in mind? Do you want to build something great and grow along the way? We are looking for engineers that want a home, not a job.

What do WE want?
An architectural thinker that is obsessed with defining clean interfaces between application components and internal code structures
Experience building software platforms on top of internally developed and external social network APIs (such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.)
Creative problem solving skills with hacker mentality (solutions will not always be obvious)
Technology and architecture expertise for systems involving web applications, on demand and async background tasks, optimization and learning
Entrepreneurial mindset to tackling problems. Critical thinker that is looking for new opportunities or strategies when tackling business needs.
Experience in an agile environment
Experience developing application stacks used in 24/7 business critical processes
Strong verbal and written communication skills. Will be interacting heavily with both product team and engineering.
Thorough testing and code review standards/practices - able to work within, and establish processes that preserve code quality and productivity for large teams and product suit
Our Technology Stack (aka requirements)
PostgreSQL/AWS Redshift/Kinesis

Don't Be Fooled

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