Product Manager, Autos (Venice, Los Angeles)

To get the next level for the company and for our product, we need to deliver on powerful innovations. We fully expect the product to look dramatically different in the coming years than it does today, expanding from a good product into a bigger and better one. Entrepreneurs are welcome, and many of our product team were former founders and CEOs. Additionally, we also require the ability to succeed at scale. We are building many projects in parallel, and you will have constraints and challenges that exist in a larger, more complicated company.
Many of our successful PMs do not have engineering or software degrees. We find that grit matched with analytical, business and domain experience are just as critical, and we evaluate each skill and match it with an appropriate role.
We recruit generalists since they thrive in a growth environment. Most of our PMs work on more than one initiative in their first year, and almost certainly within their second. Prepare to be challenged and work on projects that range from immature pre-product fit to larger, market leading initiatives.
Product management is a discipline of mastering responsibility often without authority. This skill matters even more in a large growth company and we've found this is often connected with a person's soft skills or emotional intelligence (EQ). We screen for high EQ and coach how to improve this, as it's quite connected to our culture and what sets our team apart from the industry.
One of our fundamental beliefs is that diversity delivers a better set of products and outcomes for our consumers and business. As such, we seek to create safe environments so that each employee can be their best self and do their best work. The product management team is the foundation for this value and it leads to the broadest, most diverse and joyful exchange of ideas and innovations. PMs who are used to being the loudest voice in the room winning or creating conflicts to find a path forward struggle to succeed in our team.
Team Structure
We divide our team into three levels: individual contributors (ICs), leads, and executives. Our ICs titles are Associate Product Manager, Product Manager, and Senior Product Manager. These ICs are experts at shipping software with increasing scope and complexity. Even at these levels, given the hypergrowth we are experiencing, these PMs own the crafting and execution of features or sections of the product. Their core skills include excellence in partnership, communication, distilling requirements, and prioritization with cross-functional teams.
Our lead titles are Staff Product Manager, Associate Director, and Director. Leads are responsible for one or more product areas in the product, often managing small teams or creating new products and roadmaps from the beginning. This requires mastery of working in a scaled environment and solving consumer and financial partner opportunities and constraints. Successful leads have worked at scale previously, delivered on successful products in their past, have excellent core product management skills, and can innovate.
Management experience is desirable but not required. We do expect this level to mentor other PMs and teams across the whole company. Our leads typically do not manage large hierarchical teams, instead favoring small, swift moving cross-functional pods that are as self-contained as possible. If you like innovating at scale in a hands-on builder environment, a senior product management position might be for you.
Lastly, our executive titles are Senior Director and Vice President. PM executives own a business area or a complete product line, often managing a set of leads. This level not only has the responsibility to build out their product area but also partner with other senior leaders across the company to shape the culture and future direction of our company.
Our PM team has nearly a dozen roles open, spanning all levels and groups. These include our core initiatives (Credit, ID Protection, Growth & Engagement services), business verticals (Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Mortgage, and Autos), emerging initiatives (Tax and International) and our Data and Monetization platforms. There is no shortage of opportunities to make an impact at all levels.
Auto (Venice, Los Angeles)
Autos is an emerging vertical for Credit Karma. Many members struggle managing their cars and related expenses. Our Venice-based team is building features to help members feel at ease - whether it's with their car payment, insurance, or simply knowing the best time to buy or sell. These are big, hard problems that Credit Karma is uniquely positioned to solve given its trusted brand and deep member insight.

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