Senior DevOps Engineer

The DevOps team at System1 is truly a mix of development and ops. We're looking for a senior devops engineer who has a strong interest in architecting and building scalable, stable infrastructure while being able to spear head initiatives. You will work as an integral member on our DevOps team, managing deployments, and ensuring that mission critical systems are functioning effectively and consistently. The System1 DevOps team works closely with the Software Engineers to build strong ties and enable open communication so that we can jointlydesign and build our applications and companyinfrastructure to scale in a healthy and sustainable fashion. We have a strong sense of ownership and self-initiative which we feel helps us to best integrate and support the many development teams. You will also be a proponent for secure storage of data andresponsible use of secrets with strongaudittrails. The Role You Will Have Support the creation and maintenance of architecture diagrams and design specifications to aid development, test and production environments Provision, plan, and help maintain technical architecture to scale for the growing traffic needs of the company Work with other DevOps team members to maintain cross-functional representation, autonomy and accountability, with the goal of maintaining strong collaboration between developers, product managers, and internal users Build monitoring systems that notify on behavioral anomalies The responsibility of owning initiatives from start to finish Help design CI/CD specifications in order to take advantage of automation technologies Embrace SecOps principles to advise and architect security solutions with engineering and product teams, ensuring all technologies and projects are robust and adhere to security standards What You Will Bring 4+ years of experience with DevOps principles 7+ years of development experience Solid understanding of Linux operating system fundamentals Proven track record of building CI/CD pipelines at a large scale Strong, effective scripting abilities (python, Bash) Significant experience with a wide range AWS products Experience with (or a deep interest in) computer security Experience with clustering solutions(Kubernetes, Mesos, ECS, Borg) at large scale with production systems
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

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